"My name is Dame Roisin Derge I am a Solamnic Knight of the Rose and Grandmaster of all the Knights of Solamnia. Because of my noble title I am the current ruler of this land. Due to the great requisites of office, I am rarely seen in battle except in command roles. Abilities: Able to banish undead by praying. Immune to fear. Spells: Keeping maps up to date, weapon sharpened and the like. My deity Paladine granted these spells and is able to give me more at His will."

"Some call her the Barefoot Duchess, but there are other names, and no doubt there will be other names down the road. Once a seeker of knowledge, one of the white robed devotees to Solinari, until her studies took her to the healer's arts and to serve the healing hand for a time as a preistess until that too changed. She fell from the sight of most but rumors still tell strange tales of a garden path the leads through the woods at the edge of Qualinesti lands. Most will tell you path leads nowhere and yet some, the desperate, the lost, and some say, the mad. Those tell of a sweet voice singing, of a tart spoken word and gentle hands that healed their hurts and set them back on the road. But be cautious friend, the hand that heals can also strike you dead."

"Sesasha the Selkie lives a half-life, stranded on an enchanted island. Trapped between two worlds, when the tide comes in, she reverts to her seal form and when it leaves, she is her normal human self. She cannot die, but neither can she heal, so when injury strikes, she simply sews herself back together and she waits for freedom, either through someone unenchanting the island, or death."