Prepay ends Satuday, May 19 at midnight. If you like to walk on the wild side and want to try your luck on that Sunday morning and you manage to get it before I take the button down, congratulations, you win a prepay gate rate. I'm not getting up super early just to get the button taken down. 

We are doing something a little bit different this year. In years past, we have included the price of meals in all gate fees, whether they were prepaid or not. This year, to accommodate the kitchen a little bit better and to ensure that meals are served in a timely manner, meal tickets will be sold separately from gate and they can only be purchased through pre-pay. You can pre-pay for gate and a meal ticket, or you can pre-pay for gate with no meal ticket, or you can pre-pay for a meal ticket and then purchase your gate at gate. The sky is the limit! But no, no meal tickets will be available at gate. Not at all. Not even for you, no matter how much we love you. Don't beg the gate people to waive this. It's not up to them. This way, we can plan for the quantity of people ahead of time and we won't have to go buy, say, more meat the day of feast. Also, many people come to the event and bring their own food or they buy food off site. This way they can save some money. Everyone wins. Gate does include feast on Saturday night though. Just the feast for kingdom court. That's it.

Gate does still include camping, battlegaming, roleplaying, general carousing, feast on Saturday and everything else. Just not the rest of the food.

Prepay for children (ages 5-11) includes a meal ticket for all kids. Whether you are planning to buy one for yourself or not, I highly recommend prepaying for your kids so they can eat on site. 


Teepees are available for rental! Last year they were $90! This year, only $75!

If you are bringing children for whom you are not the legal guardian, please bring with you an affidavit of temporary guardianship so you can make medical decisions for them if needs be. One is available for download here:


We also need everyone to have on file either a digital waiver or a paper one. If you would prefer a paper one, please fill it out and bring it with you. That can be found here:

If you would like to sign up for gate shifts, those are available here:

Gate Shifts

Prepay and meal ticket sales have ended.

Teepees have all been rented.

Gate (ages 12+) (does not include meal ticket, but does include Saturday feast): $35

Child (ages 5-11) Gate (does not include meal ticket, but does include Saturday feast): $10

Day trip adult (does not include meal ticket, but does include feast if on Saturday): $20

Day trip child (does not include meal ticket, but does include Feast if on Saturday): $10

Meal tickets will not be available at gate. If you want a meal ticket, you need to prepay for it. You can still pay for gate at gate and prepay only for your meal ticket.

If you prepay and then discover at least 4 days prior to Salt Wars that you won't be able to attend, we will offer a full refund for your prepay.