There will be a kid-o-crat this year with a variety of quests and activites by Morgana, and we will, as has become our custom, have a bounce house on site. We even got an upgraded one that will accommodate more kids and more activities. HOWEVER: the bounce house will be open from 10-6 Friday and Saturday and that is all. There must be an adult supervising it as well, so if you would like your child to be able to use the bounce house, please sign up for a 2 hour shift here:

Bounce House Sitting Shift

No sign up, no bounce house. It's only two hours. You can do it.

Quest for the kids.

(prizes for all games, will be chocolate gold coins)

(to be played whenever)Baby rattle- “brave hero’s must keep your strength, in both mind and body, come test your self s in a trial of speed and mind with these”

The beginning…

Thursday- evening game- candy pendulum-

“brave hero's, your quest this evening is simple, you must find __________________ and help them for they are in great need of your assistance”

“Brave hero’s, my family treasure has been trapped in these bottles by a wicked witch, only those with pure hearts can hope to knock the balls off the jars and into the magical holding containers and release my family treasure, will you help me? There will be great reward for you”


Friday-morning game-save the basket-

“Brave hero’s venture the find _____________________, they are in need of your help this fine morning”

“Brave hero’s, a giant bird came and stole my basket with my baby in it and now i'm afraid it is stuck in the tree, you must toss these into the basket to cause it to come down”  


Friday -afternoon game- spell blast-

“Brave hero’s gather round, i've heard tale of  an evil wizard who is causing peoples goblets to act strange, you must search for __________________, they will be able to tell you more on how to stop this”

“Brave hero’s the evil wizard has cursed all the cups in the kingdom to come to this specific location, no one is able to use their cups, and i am afraid without cups we will all die of thirst, you must use your magic to blast the cups from the cursed location so that we may drink again”


Friday- evening game-aerial ace-

“Brave hero’s tonight is a secret mission, find ________________ and they will tell you more”

“Brave hero’s  thank goodness you’re here, i have been trying to send secret messages through that magical portal, but it seems i am unable to throw them true, i believe that with your brave hearts you can throw them straight and true, will you please help me?”


Saturday- morning-Cupcake blaster- “Brave Hero’s, today is going to be hard, so we must test your lung strength”


Saturday- afternoon-monster quest-(sadie)


Saturday- evening- face the cookie-

“Brave hero’s we have one final quest for you, a test to prove yourselves, are you brave enough to try?”  


The games...


Candy pendulum:(thursday evening) with a lollipop tied to the end of a string, players must swing the lollipop in an attempt to knock the ping pong balls resting on the tops of bottles and land them into separate glasses


Save the basket:(friday morning): players must toss small items into a basket hund in a tree until the weight causes it to come down


Spell blast:(friday afternoon) by placing ping pong balls into a pvc pipe players must swing the pipe to launch the ping pong balls one at a time to knock all cans(or cups) off/out of designated surface/space.


Aerial ace:(friday evening) players must throw paper airplanes through the hoop (only counts if it goes in through the front of hoop) each team member can only toss 3, first team to toss 5 through hoop wins.


This blows:(saturday morning) players must blow up a balloon and use the escaping air to push a line of cups off a table/ out of designated space, first one to push all the cups off wins.


Face the cookie:(saturday evening) players start with a cookie on their forehead they have one minute to move the cookie from their for head to their mouth using only the muscles in their face (NO HANDS!) the team who have moved the most cookies into their mouths wins!

Baby rattle:(whenever) players must shake all the gumballs/ marbles from the top bottle to the bottom