Salt Wars 2019: Death to the Day Star

The War and RP team have been hard at work getting content ready for you for, what promises to be, an amazing event! There will be plenty of opportunity to have the party questing feel throughout the event! I’m excited to bring you details about battle games and Role-play!

It’s encouraged that you form a party of 5 and pick a side in the conflict if you wish. The forces of the Underdark or the forces of the Surface. Or you can play a mercenary group and sell your allegiance for coin.

Notable events:
The calendar of War, Role play and tournament related events. Like a Ladies’ tournament, Assassin’s games, costume contest, and monster garb parade.

Game Equipment to bring:
You should bring the physical representations for any magic items you would like to use during the event

Economy and Treasure:
We will be using an in-game currency that can be used to upgrade your custom class relic or do other activities

Magic Items and Class Custom Relics:
We have a framework that will allow you to create custom magic items. Additionally each class has at least 5 possible upgrades for their class relic.

Open Questing and The Random Encounter Table:
We will have a role-play tavern available where Players can go and accept quests and play ad-hoc games. We have some prepared games as well as a Randomized Quest Generator if you would like to leave your adventure to lady luck.

Storyline Large scale games:
Of course we will have Large scale games.

Here’s the link for more information. Feel free to ask questions! See you there!


The Night Raid

Hook: As Thorkel is leading his troops into battle, he is uncertain of what may lie ahead of them. He plans to breach the surface close to when darkness starts to fall. At this moment, he will be seeking locations to bring his other warriors up to the surface to end the Day Star for good! He will seek to find any treasures that may assist his fellow Drow with destroying the surface world. These quick attacks will test the defenses of the surface and secure riches for the Underdark.


Breaching the Darkness

Hook: After the raid from the Drow the night before, Paladin Archduke Saint von Jester knew he needed to retaliate!  He was uncertain how he might go about attacking a home inside of the earth, but knew that something needed to happen!  He gathered his generals and devised a plan to attempt an attack on the Drow home after reports came back of a scout having followed the Drow back to their surface entrance.  

Underdark Maze

The following games will be available during the friday Story quest Maze.

Watery Peril

Hook: Paladin Jester gathers some supplies, his generals, and various warriors to delve into the Underdark in hopes of discovering the Drow home.  He had not had much experience in the Underdark, but he was not afraid of what may lie under the surface...

The Floor is Lava

Hook: Here there are riches! The scouts of the party have ventured ahead and found valuable gems and minerals along a lava pool. Your instincts tell you there is great danger here but it is too late and the fabled "THING BELOW" comes forth to challenge the delvers

What’s that Stench?

Hook: You are drawn at first to what seems to be a pleasant aroma. As you approach you see glowing mushrooms surrounded by swampland, at this point you realise that you're starting to lose consciousness.

Eyes in the dark

Hook: After hours of wandering in the inky blackness of this environment, you start to hear rattling and see a faint glow in the distance.


Disturbed rest

Hook: The group stumbles into a bone pit. If you look closer you can see a young woman that appears to be in distress

A Strong Sense of Malice

Hook: After a long trek you approach a strange chamber shrouded in darkness. the hairs on the back of your neck Stand on end. You feel a maliciousness prodding your mind. Disregarding your senses, you are driven to investigate the dark chamber.


Castle Attack

Hook: The Drow, having heard report that the surface dwellers had entered the Underdark, decide to make a large scale attack on the surface dwellers.  Zarra Xiltyh, the High Priestess of Lolth, brings along her Qu'el'saruk Thorkel and two of her priestesses with their various minions and warriors for an all out assault.  This "Paladin of Light" will know the full power of Lolth!  Zarra was pleased to know that their portals were still hidden and active, her hope was that they would not be discovered until the Drow Warriors were well into the castle walls before the portals were discovered.  Zarra, and her Priestesses, were able to cast a spell to limit the effects of the Day Star on the Drow to allow them time to fight the surface people.  Only time will tell who will win this battle.. A mighty warrior will fall this day, it had better be this Paladin...

The Gambit

Hook: The castle attack was a diversion. If the temple of Corellon can be destroyed Lolth will be able to darken the heavens once and for all. This would enable the drow to endure on the surface. There seems to be a large body of combatants at the temple of Corellon.