1 PM Site Opens
3PM-5PM Militia Battlegame
6PM-7PM Dinner
10PM-7AM Quiet Hours (Nothing that artificially makes stuff louder)

8AM-9:30AM Breakfast
10AM-11:30 WLS Tourney
12PM-1:30PM Lunch
2PM-4PM Capture the Ore Battlegame
6PM-7PM Dinner
7PM-8PM Barony and Shire Court
Goon Prom
10PM-7AM Quiet Hours


8AM-9AM Breakfast
10AM-12PM Capture the Forest Battlegame
12PM-1:30PM Lunch
2PM-4PM Odin/Ultimate Weapon Battlegame
4PM-6PM Castle Battlegame
6PM-7PM Feast
7PM-8PM Duchy and Kingdom Court
           Mesreth's Knighting
           Jocelyn's Knighting
9PM Merriment
10PM-7AM Quiet Hours


8AM-12PM Pack up and go home