Salt War 2017 will be May 25-28 at Fort Buenaventura in Ogden UT.

Among the features of this year's event will be the knightings of Baron Squire Mesreth, the Overachiever and Lady Squire Jocelyn Achard. 

As is our custom, all meals will be included with your gate fee and provided by a kitchen run by the highly organized Rachel Hollyrose. We will also have a bounce house for the kiddos and kids under 12 will be free. 

The Goons will also be hosting a prom on Friday night. You do not need anything to attend Goon Prom. This party will be a fundraiser for the YWCA of Salt Lake City domestic violence program. There will be a bar. There will be music. There will be cross-dressing. It will be a ball.

 The chill spring wind blew hard through the trees. Sprouting up in a clearing stood an unassuming fort. In old tongue above the gate the name of the forts old commander stood out. Buenaventura. Sitting in her stirrups was a lone cloaked figure atop a lithe chestnut mare. The horse nickered softly and it prompted the scout to reach down and scratch the horse along its crest. The Peacekeeper tossed a quick glance around to the immediate treeline. She didn’t see any signs of imminent danger so she turned back the way she came and kicked her horse into a trot. As she was enveloped in the shadow of the forest the Orochi that was watching the mounted scout adjusted his katana before heading back towards the marshland.

One final onlooker stood with a pack of warriors behind him. Covered in fur and chainmail, the Berserker motioned for his men to move out. The three forward scouts had done their jobs and now headed for home.

In the scarred forests and cities, the knights have finally begun to rebuild under the leadership of Lord Talis DeMorte The Corsair of the Desert Winds, Man At Arms to Sir Darko DeMorte. Known for his unwavering loyalty and every growing combat prowess, he is one of the very few male peacekeepers. He is working to reforge their ranks from the strongest remaining of the previously warring clans, prizing their most skilled, the Blackstone Legion formed from the ashes of their remaining population. Progress has picked up, and they have become prosperous again. But resources are scarce, forcing them to venture outwards to an unfamiliar land, rumored to be rich in new minerals... And new enemies in dire straights as well.

Across the land, in the depths of the mountains, the ravaged and ragged Viking tribes have begun to patch relations, uniting under the banner as the Warborn and their leader, Baronet Elge “Thor” Gunnarson who gained renown during the Viking clan’s in-fighting. But in their newly found cooperation, rations are short and the longer winter seasons are harsh, yielding little to quell their hunger and keep their newly found peace. Word has come of a new land, flush with game to hunt and land to harvest. The Warlord* has been named their High Jarl and has gathered a host to the united banner of the Warborn.

Having spent generations in the marshy hills, the Oni, a group of nomadic samurai are suddenly and rapidly losing fields and homes to ever rising waters and chaos. They are setting out one last time to settle, under the leadership of their recently appointed Daimyo, Duke Sir Loup DeNoir, commonly referred to as Alpha. His skill with a pole echo even among his enemies. The Nobushi’s goal is to carve their niche with legendary martial skill and devotion to their culture. Though frequently outnumbered by their enemies, their hope is to secure a future in a land ripe with plenty.

Unbeknownst, all three factions have set out toward remains of The Great Kingdom of the Desert Winds, their former seat of glory holding a cache of wealth for the claiming victor. But all is not as it seems, as the whispers were set forth by a shadow figure hoping to cull the most hardened and skilled warriors to play as pawns in an endless war.

Who will you swear fealty to and drive forward their cause for victory? Make your pick and fight your way to domination.

The Factions:

The Oni (Samurai)

Blackstone Legion (Knights)

Warborn (Vikings)