Photo by Drew Rae from Pexels

For centuries the surface world has thrived and grown beyond measure.  With each sunrise, more growth can be seen. Birds chirp, fish swim, and humans thrive, ever warmed by the bright light from the fire burning in the sky.  What the humans do not know is what lives beneath them, in the darkness.

Deep below the surface is something much more dangerous than lions, tigers, or dragons.  There is a hatred for those above. This hatred has grown even stronger as the surface dwellers have delved deeper into the underground in search of wealth.  Their greed is pushing them further and further into the Underdark. In this place lies an evil so old, it’s name is hardly spoken loudly, for fear it will rise up and swallow all of existence.  This is where we find the home of the Drow Priestess, Zarra Xiltyh. Zarra, being the High Priestess of Lolth, had lived many years with the threat of the savage surface dwellers tunnelling deeper and closer to her home.  Her hatred for the creatures grew steadily. Report after report streamed to her about the surface dwellers tunnelling into a scouting party and being slain with little energy expended. It was easy enough to dispatch of the surface dwellers in the Underdark, for they could not see.  However, their greed made Zarra’s hatred rise stronger and faster.

Salt War is May 23rd - 26th, 2019.


This year for Salt War, the theme for the event is Death to the Day Star. The Drow are tired of the surface dwellers greedily adventuring into the Underdark and are preparing to take the surface by force. Their preistesses are working on magic to block out the sun for all eternity and claim the entire world for Lolth! Their entire purpose is to enslave or kill the surface people.

This event will be very roleplay heavy and those wishing to roleplay monsters, including drow, are very welcome to do so. In an effort to ensure the event is as welcoming as possible, we request that people using body paint confine themselves to dark blue, purple or green. The Desert Winds recognizes the racist history behind blackface, and in an effort to ensure that everyone feels welcome, people wearing black, grey or brown body paint will be asked to remove it. Thank you for helping us keep Salt Wars a friendly event for everyone.

This year's Salt Wars also will feature the knighting of Dallas Peregrine. He will be our circles newest knight of the flame. Come celebrate with him!

Vendors are welcome at Salt War! Garb and gear tend to sell better than other items at Salt War, but almost all items are welcome, except the following 2: 1. No vendors may sell food items, either prepared or pre-packaged. 2. No vendors may sell adult themed items.

As with every year, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer.

If you would like to sign up for trash duty, please email Sesasha or message her on Facebook.