With a broken heart, I am here to announce the cancelation of Salt War 2020. The Event Committee and Salt War team discussed our situation and every avenue that could be taken. With a heavy heart, we agreed that it would be in everyone’s best interest to hold off the event until next year. We expect the event to flourish with twice the energy, and twice the fun as our team continues to plan for our beloved event!


For those wondering about the Knightings that were going to take place. I have initiated contact with them and asked what their preferences will be in how we do their specific ceremonies. Announcements and information on those events will be given at a later time.


End Reign will still be on 30.MAY.2020! Lukas will be hosting a livestream to set up as a means for announcements, awards, and potential knightings. This will also be counted as a Kingdom Level Event, so for EVERYONE that attends, and isn’t in a coreland province. They will receive their Kingdom credit for Provincial Ambassador status.

Prepays will be automatically refunded during the week of March 29, 2020.