Come spend 4 days questing and battling in the Dragonlance universe. There will be food, fantasy, larping, roleplay and boffer fighting, and the knightings of Duke Von Jester and Master Sesasha the Siren. (Hey, that's me!) 

There will also be a small memorial for attendees on Saturday evening after court to honor Sir Aagard, including a bardic. 

Salt Wars is May 24-27 2018 at the beautiful Fort Buenaventura in Ogden UT. 

This event is hosted by the Amtgard Kingdom of the Desert Winds. 

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Behold the 2018 event committee!

Roisin Derge: Logistics … anything having to do with the site. From toiletpaper to trash cans and showers. Contact me for information. Please do not contact our camp host; I will be the only contact to them. See me for your questions and/or requests.

Rachel Hollyrose: Your Feast-o-crat

Sesasha: Website, trash and... lots of things. Feel free to ask me questions about whatever, and I'll get you an answer, one way or another. 

Thorkel: War-o-crat and RP

Leo: Pimp-o-crat


Because there is literally nowhere else to put this, if you would like to sign up for a trash shift (and Llor and I would appreciate it greatly if you did) please sign up here: Trash Shifts

The Desert Winds Event Committee appreciates a heads up so we can plan for the right number of merchants in Merchants' Row, but preregistration isn't required. Merchant rules are: 1- No prepared foods. Manufacturer packaged food ie. chips, granola bars, water bottles and sealed ice cream novelties are fine. 2- No "adult" items. 3- Gear and garb are always appreciated and sell better than some other items might. Feel free to try to vend any items that don't fall under rules 1 and 2.